"A great story will often make you uncomfortable because it will have the noble temerity to suggest that you do not know everything about everything, and that all you do know is wrong."

"Our greatest sin is complacency," says playwright and author Scott Dixon, "We reach a point when we imagine that we have everything figured out, and then we stop trying. Great stories remind us the world neither starts nor stops at our doorstep. Our own perspectives and experiences create a "truth" which works for us, but how invigorating (and terrifying!) it can be to discover that ours is not the only "truth" out there. It's in that moment of considering other possibilities when we take a step to being the best human being we can be. Maybe the effect lasts an hour, or a day, or a lifetime, but however long the duration, in that time, the world has been made a better place."

Scott Dixon is a resident artist/administrator with the Commonweal Theatre Company in southeastern Minnesota. As a playwright, his full-length play titles include A Midnight Dreary, about the life of Edgar Allan Poe, and adaptations of The Nutcracker & The Mouse King and Little Women. He is a member of The Playwrights' Center and The Dramatists Guild of America. Reecntly, he has been the recipient of an Established Artist Grant from the McKnight Foundation through the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council to develop an original script inspired by the experiences of German-American civilian internees in the United States during World War II.

Additionally, his stories of horror and dark fantasy have appeared in more than a dozen print and online magazines, including Night Terrors, City Slab, and Black Petals. All the best so far have been collected in Beyond Midnight from Ozment's House of Twilight Press.

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"The reader's answer to late night TV fright-fests."
A.M. Stickel, editor Black Petals Magazine

Beyond Midnight


From his hospital bed, a feverish Edgar Allan Poe revisits moments from his life and work. But, is he lost in a labyrinth of his own making, or being given one last chance to prove himself to his greatest critic?

"Scenes of exhilirating imagination, to be sure, and has been endowed by Dixon with a superb ending."
Tom Weber, Rochester Post Bulletin


World Premiere Production October, 2009
Commonweal Theatre Company - Lanesboro, MN
photos by Jason Underferth



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